What is squad?

Squad is an application that aims to make spontaneous event planning as easy as dropping a pin.

Simply tap and hold to place a pin where you want to hang out, whether it be:

  • Pickup soccer game
  • Study session at the library
  • Coffee with a friend
  • Early morning hike
  • Or anything else you might do with a group of friends
  • Don't want to spam your friends constantly? No problem!

    With Squad you can easily differentiate between notifying your friend, and just letting them see what you are doing!

    By selecting a cell you are "inviting" that squad to your event. This means that the next time anyone in that squad goes on the app, they will be able to see your event.

    Now, if you tap and hold a cell, you will "nudge" that squad. This means that you will send them a notification saying that they are invited.

    What is a Squad?

    Within the app, with one click from the home screen you are able to view all of your Squads (or groups of friends). Clicking on a cell will take you to your group chat for that squad.

    How can I see only certain events?
    Won't the map get super cluttered?

    With Squad, you are able to filter the events on screen with 3 simple options.

    Each choice you make further limits the filtering to only show what you want!


    A list of all your squads. Chosing one will limit the map to only show events that you were invited to by that Squad.


    A list of event types you can chose from. Chosing one will limit the map to only show events with the current event type.


    A list of dates from today up to 2 weeks from today. Chosing one will limit the map to only show events on that date.

    How do I know who is going?

    By clicking on an event you are shown the quick details including the title and the address. If the event looks inticing enough, you can select the callout, taking you to a page that shows more details along with people who are going.

    From here you can chose to join the event, adding you name to the list, or delete the event if it is one that you have created yourself.

    How do I see what I am going to?

    Clicking on the circle at the bottom of the screen brings up your current and past events


    Squad was designed and built during the summer months of 2015. With zero knowledge of how Xcode, MVC, or databases I began by designing the outline and feel of the app, showing all the possible states and functionalities. From there I spent just about every day of summer learning, coding, eating, and breathing. After much googling, trial, and error, the process of MVC revealed itself and has since become second nature.

    Tools used:

  • Xcode
  • Parse Backend Service
  • The app was built natively using Xcode, and implements a backend using Parse, which allows for push notifications to be sent and recieved for messages, nudges, and new squad invitations.