The main idea is for users who play Pokemon Go to go on our app, drop pins where they caught pokemon, view where other people dropped pins for the same pokemon, and rate the locations where a pin is placed.

The idea is simple and within a week of Pokemon Go being released there was already countless apps that did this exact same thing. We did not make this app with any intention of it being very successful but just wanted to create it for the fun of creating and to learn some things that could only be discovered in making a cross-platform application.

It turned out that a few people downloaded the app and actually used it while pokemon go was very popular and we have around 8000 downloads.

The thing I find the coolest about this app is that I can go on it and see exactly where people are using our app. Most of our users aren't likely using the app for its intended purpose but to view the analytics and behaviors of a few thousand users without any monetary investment whatsoever is a pretty neat experience.